Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pugs Pictures and Videos

For the millions of pug-lover out there- you can check our other blog "Pugs Pictures and Videos" for an exclusive pugs-only blog;)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cute Puppies Tumbr Blog

The app i mentioned in my previous post is actually made on the Tumblr blog called "The Daily Wag". If you don't have an android device but still want to check some of the cutest puppies - follow this blog: New cuteness is added all the time, small, fluffy cute little and not so little guys;) Check it out, no need to have Tumblr account to look but if you want to reblog or like/share - create one for free. "The Daily Wag" is having a fancy addition - the app Cute Puppy Pictures which is free on Google Play Store;) Have fun with all those little cute pups.

Cute Puppy Pictures app for Android

This is a great new app i found :

If you are a dog lover - a must have! Those puppies are really cute and adorable. And the app is free of course, so get it now and enjoy the cuteness ;)

Edited June 2014: I don't know what kind of people will rate an app like this 1 star and trash it .... I see 81 1 star ratings here - come on guys, if you hate dogs just don't download or don't post crappy reviews because you like cats or some other animals! The app works flawlessly as described and is updated with new images constantly, you can save those as wallpaper on your phone or share with friends via text, email or all the major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I really don't think it can get much better and those crappy hatefilled ratings show no class. Cute Puppy Pictures at it's best, dog  haters - please stay away!